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Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre

The award goes to the project “Western Iberia: Conservation of the Greater Ecosystem” for its regional and cross-border impact in the conservation of threatened ecosystems and endangered species.


Fundación Moisés Bertoni

The award goes to the project “Mbaracayú: Conservation, Female Education and Sustainable Tourism” for its innovative character and commitment to the skilling and integration of local communities.



The award goes to journalists Rafael Serra, José Antonio Montero and Miguel Miralles, for their ongoing labor of communicating nature at the head of Quercus, the doyen of Spanish nature conservation magazines.


Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste (ANSE)

Recognized for its committed work on biodiversity conservation in an ecologically unique part of Europe that is nonetheless subject to severe human pressure: the semi-arid littoral and pre-littoral zones along the south east of the Iberian Peninsula.


The Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Laboratory at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

The Laboratory takes the award for efficiently translating world-class scientific knowledge into policy decisions enabling impactful conservation actions.


Caty Arévalo

The award has gone to Caty Arévalo for the quality and rigor of her influential journalism, much of it anonymous, since news agencies tend to generate contents without a byline that are then picked up by thousands of media outlets.


Grupo de Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat (GREFA)

The award goes to Grupo para la Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autóctona y su Hábitat (GREFA) for its high-impact projects to conserve species, with a focus on birdlife.


The Conservation Land Trust (CLT)

The award goes to The Conservation Land Trust for its major contribution to biodiversity conservation in Chile and Argentina through the creation and expansion of eight large protected areas occupying over one million hectares.


Carlos de Hita

The award is granted to Carlos de Hita for his groundbreaking, innovative endeavors in recording and disseminating a wide range of nature sounds.


Divisional Prosecutor. Environment and Land Planning Prosecutors and Technical and Police Units

The award goes to an endeavor that is vital to the prosecution of environmental offences and the protection of natural spaces and their biodiversity.


Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (FMCN)

The award goes to FMCN for its efforts over the course of a decade to preserve the monarch butterfly, one of the planet’s landmark invertebrate species.


Juan Varela Simó

The award is granted to Juan Varela Simó for his longstanding and tireless labor of communication on behalf of nature conservation, in Spain and other countries, through a highly creative illustrative output.


Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza

The award goes to Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza for almost twenty years work on behalf of transhumance and extensive farming in Spain. Transhumance is a traditional herding practice that helps maintain numerous natural habitats that would otherwise be degraded or lost.


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The award goes to the Institute’s Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project, which has responded to a biodiversity crisis without precedent, namely the threatened extinction of this zoological class on a worldwide scale.


Javier Gregori Roig

The award goes to Javier Gregori Roig for his long career in the field of scientific reporting with a particular accent on environmental and biodiversity conservation issues.


Fundación Global Nature

The award goes to Fundación Global Nature for its exceptional contribution to wetland recovery.


Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas (ICB)

ICB is a non-government organization founded by the authors of a photo-identification technique that has brought huge strides in cetacean conservation since 1970.


Daniel Beltrá

Recognized for his photographic output, Beltrá describes himself as a reporter covering the conflict between human society and the environment.


Fundación Oso Pardo

The Foundation is recognized for the results of its Brown Bear Conservation Patrols project, which over the space of almost two decades has contributed decisively to the recovery of what is a conservation priority species in Spain.


BirdLife International

The award goes to BirdLife International for its project focusing on the identification and study of important bird areas in Latin America.


Araceli Acosta

She receives the award for her extensive track record as head of environmental reporting at daily newspaper ABC and coordinator of the monthly supplement ABC Natural.


WWF España

Among the foremost global organizations devoted to nature conservation, in its 50-year existence its overriding goal has been the conservation of world biodiversity.


Center for Environmental Sustainability, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

The award has gone for its project “Anchoveta Week: Creating the Conditions to Boost the Contribution to Social Welfare and Sustainability of the World’s Largest Fishery.”


Josep del Hoyo Calduch

Singled out for his contribution as senior editor of the Handbook of the Birds of the World, the first work ever to illustrate all living species of birds whose inaugural edition came out in 1992.


ECOMARG Research Group, Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO)

The award goes to the project Study of Continental Margin Ecosystems and the Impact of Their Fisheries for its decisive contribution in creating the first protected area on the Spanish continental platform.


Bioconciencia. Bioconservación, Educación y Ciencia, A. C.

The award goes to this NGO’s Program for the Conservation of Mexican Bats in recognition of its invaluable initiatives over the past fifteen years to conserve Mexico’s wildlife and ecosystems through the study and conservation of bats.


Arturo Larena

The award goes to Arturo Larena Larena for the quality and commitment demonstrated in his environmental reporting, and his outstanding contribution to scientific and environmental journalism.


Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza de la Guardia Civil (SEPRONA)

The award goes to the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil for its pioneering role as a corps devoted to the prevention, protection and defense of natural heritage interests and biodiversity, which has served as a model for other countries throughout its twenty-year history.


Directorate-General of Institutional Development and Promotion (DGDIP) of the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas

The DGDIP is recognized for having placed Mexico in the Latin American and world vanguard in the creation and protection of natural areas.


Gustavo Catalán Deus

Catalán Deus receives the award for his long professional career and the quality of his journalistic work, which has aided in the analysis and resolution of environmental conflict in reporting on environmental issues.


Prof. Harold A. Mooney and Prof. Peter H. Raven

The award is granted ex aequo in recognition of their outstanding contributions to understanding evolutionary and co-evolutionary processes that shape the adaptations of plants, the communities they form, and the diversity and biogeography of those communities, and how plants contribute to ecosystem function.


Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve

The award goes to the project Co-Management for the Implementation of the Management Program of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve for demonstrating that biodiversity conservation generates wealth and wellbeing for the community.


Benigno Varillas Suárez

He receives the award goes for the quality of his long and ground-breaking professional career in the environmental communication field.


Juan Carlos Castilla and Jeremy B. C. Jackson

Castilla and Jackson share the award in recognition of their outstanding contributions to understanding and articulating human impacts on marine ecosystems worldwide.


Balearic Group of Ornithology and Defense of Nature (GOB)

The award is granted to the project Biodiversity Conservation in the Balearic Islands for its active defense of the biodiversity of the Spanish Mediterranean through a high-profile involvement in land zoning and environmental planning.


Conservation and Sustainable Management of the Tropical Forest Biological Corridor in the Guatemalan Caribbean

The project is recognized for the original and exemplary nature of its interventions wedding social and ecological criteria.


Joaquín Araújo Ponciano

The award goes to Joaquín Araújo Ponciano for his distinguished track record as a communicator of environmental and conservation values.


Conservation Biology of Birds and their Habitats Research Group

Recognized for the quality of its multidisciplinary approach to the biology of endangered bird populations, its practical significance in the conservation field, and its contribution to forming a pool of experts in Spain and Latin America.


Millennium Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Biodiversity Research

The Center is recognized for the outstanding quality of its scientific output in ecology, biogeography and environmental ethics, its major achievements in nature conservation, and the impact of its research work on ecosystems and critical biodiversity areas in Chile.


Important Bird Areas Conservation Program

The Program is recognized for its extraordinary contribution to the conservation of Spanish ecosystems by using birds and their habitats to identify the most important and most fragile areas in need of special protection.


José María Montero Sandoval

He receives the award for the high professional standards of his press, TV and radio contributions, and his extensive track record in disseminating biodiversity conservation information in Andalusia; a region that is environmentally sensitive with global implications.