Los retos medioambientales del siglo XXI

La conservación de la Biodiversidad en España

Edited by
Montserrat Gomendio Kindelán

Luis Alcalá, Juan Carlos Alonso, Gerardo Báguena, Juan Carranza, Miguel Delibes de Castro, Miguel Ferrer, Mario García París, Julián Garde, Gonzalo Nieto, Francisco Palomares, Belén Pintado, Daniel Ramón, Ver todos

Environmental and Earth Sciences > Biodiversity Conservation

The loss of biodiversity has accelerated in recent years due to multiple threats including habitat destruction or deterioration, climate change, pollution and overexploitation. The scientifi c community has a key role to play in the study of biodiversity, the identifi cation of the factors causing the crisis and the search for solutions.

The aim of this book, which follows on from a lecture cycle organized by the Spanish Council for Scientifi c Research and the BBVA Foundation, is to inform society about the most important research findings in this area and what is being done to palliate the crisis.


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