La enciclopedia de las aves de España


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App 'Aves de España' (2014)

La enciclopedia de las aves de España‘, a joint initiative of the BBVA Foundation and SEO/BirdLife, is intended as an introduction for the general reader into the fascinating world of birds. This interactive, multimedia publication offers key facts on the life and habits of the 560 bird species that reside, visit or have been spotted in Spain, along with their distribution patterns and the threats that confront them. Though presented in an easy-to-read, educational style, the data it contains draw on published scientific information and the expertise of the large network of ornithologists working with SEO/BirdLife.

As well as the recreational and learning side of the bird-watching world, the encyclopedia describes the campaigns being conducted by environmentalist NGOs in favor of their conservation, and informs citizens wishing to get involved on how they can best contribute to this effort.

The publication includes a single DVD with 1,600 photographs, 1,200 drawings, 370 sound recordings, 200 videos and 400 maps.

In 2014 the  APP ‘Aves de España’ hace been publlished, including part of the contents of this publication.