Conceptos y técnicas en ecología fluvial

Edited by
Sergi Sabater Cortés, Arturo Elosegi

Vicenç Acuña, Carlos Alcaraz, Joan Armengol, Joan Artigas, Lluis Benejam, Josep Benito, Núria Bonada, Andrea Butturini, Antonio Camacho, Joserra Díez, Jhon Charles Donato, Arturo Elosegi, Ver todos

Environmental and Earth Sciences > Ecology

‘Conceptos y técnicas en ecología fluvial’ is a manual for students and researchers wishing to learn the foundations of river ecology. Protecting the environment against multiple pressures calls for rigorous data on the status and function of ecosystems, which hold the key to sustainable development.

The work of thirty-eight researchers from Spain, Portugal and Latin America with a wide range of specializations, this book gives a clear and concise account of the main topics in river ecology, supplemented by detailed descriptions of the techniques proper to this discipline. It also introduces the reader to a series of executable Excel spreadsheets to help with the necessary calculations, available in the microsite of the book.



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