Arctic Tipping Points

Edited by
Carlos M. Duarte, Paul Wassmann

Creative coordinator
Manuel Elviro Vidal

Susana Agustí, Miquel Alcaraz, Rudi Caeyers, Yearn Hong Choi, Ramón Dachs, Carlos M. Duarte, Irene Fernández, Elisabeth Halvorsen, Johnna Holding, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Isabelle Laurion, Connie Lovejoy, Ver todos

Environmental and Earth Sciences > Climate change

Arctic Tipping Points, the work of researchers, journalists and artists connected to the EU research project Arctic Tipping Points (ATP), identifies elements of the Arctic ecosystem likely to show abrupt changes in response to climate change. The book aims to raise awareness of tipping points and what they signify among policy-makers and society as a whole.

The images, anecdotes and reflections contained in its pages relate the story of the Arctic in a way that will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers, so they understand both the fascination which the region exerts and the multiple threats that now confront it.


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